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Noor Al Shadhili is a research and education initiative whose aim is to engage in theological and spiritual dialogue through an Islamic, philosophical and social science framework

Aqidah & Fiqh Audio Files

tumblr_nnmdb5kqjv1shao85o1_1280_FotorThe Purpose of this course is to provide students with an easy beginners review of important matter in Islamic Theology and Islamic Jurisprudence. These courses take place on Saturdays in Masjid At Taqwa with Nuriddeen and Faatimah Knight. Classes start August 1st, 2015, register HERE


Aqidah- God and His having attribute of Existence

Fiqh– Beginning of Worship | Repentance, remembrance & invocation 


Aqidah- God and His having attributes of Beginninglessness, Endlessness and Dissimilarity to creation

Fiqh- Beginning of Worship, Part II | Remembrance, invocation & salat ‘ala nabi


Aqidah- God and His having the attributes of Self Subsistance, Oneness and Power

Fiqh- Impediments to Worship & Obedience | The limbs, the self, the world & the devil


Aqidah- Ustadha Noor explains some major points from the last four week and review God’s attributes of hearing, sight and speech. It is divided in to two parts.

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