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Noor Al Shadhili is a research and education initiative whose aim is to engage in theological and spiritual dialogue through an Islamic, philosophical and social science framework

Course: Childhood & Society

Course: Childhood And Society

Description: This course is designed to explore various Western and Islamic views on childhood, child rearing and a child’s place in society. We will explore questions like: What are some of the major Western parenting styles to evolve in the past 70 years? How does Islam view childhood? How is it that Islamically someone —like ‘Aisha, could both be considered a child and able to marry? How did the concept of childhood evolve in the West and is it eroding now? How do we appropriately view having children as both a blessing and a trial? And many other questions we will explore during this six-week course.

-Properly understand childhood through an Islamic and Western framework
-Understand the roots of the concept of childhood in Western society
-Understand Islamic teachings and view of childhood
-Use our knowledge to have better-formulated discussions on “controversial” topics like the age of ‘Aisha at marriage
-Being willing to logically argue for or against Western concepts of childhood
-Being able to understand the way children can be preserved or eroded through adult actions
-Being able to compare the passing from childhood to adulthood in an Islamic framework vs a Western framework

Cost: $75

Format: The class takes place online and includes 6 lessons of various lengths and 2 live discussion sessions, Fall 2017, September 18th.

Lesson 1: What is a child?
Lesson 2: Parenting styles
Lesson 3: Changing concepts of childhood
Lesson 4: Comparing narratives
Lesson 5: Childhood in danger
Lesson 6: Understanding society’s role in childhood

Selections from the Quran
Selections from ahadith
Book: Disappearance of Childhood
Book: Lives of Man by Imam Al Haddad
Lecture series: Raising Muslims Children by Umm Sahl
Essay: Overexposed, Under-connected


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