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Noor Al Shadhili is a research and education initiative whose aim is to engage in theological and spiritual dialogue through an Islamic, philosophical and social science framework

Onsite Counseling | New York, NY

For a few weeks this summer we’ll be offering onsite counseling in a private location in New York City. We currently offer counseling services to women and married (or soon to be married) couples only, all clients must be ages 16 and up.

About our counselors:

Nuriddeen Knight graduated with an M.A. in psychology from Columbia University, she is not a licensed psychologist. However with her background in psychology and traditional Islamic knowledge her intention is to use her acquired skills to help clients deal with various life issues.

Madonna Knight has previously worked as both a high school counselor and a drug and rehabilitation counselor. She now works in labor law fighting for the rights of workers and dedicates her free time to various community work.

Note on confidentiality:

Our sessions are 100% confidential with the exception of criminal offenses or grossly immoral injustices, which we are morally obliged to report and/or seek outside assistance. Counseling notes are not saved anywhere, the only record of our consultation will be Nuriddeen’s physical notes, in order to further guide the consultation. Counseling sessions will never be recorded with electronic devices, physical notes are kept in a confidential area in which no one but Nuriddeen and Madonna Knight can access.

Our Approach:

Our approach to counseling will be a combination of psycho-education and psychoanalysis. In simple terms this means we focus a lot on active listening and assigning various books, articles, essays, etc. that will help the client gain insight into their particular issue and lead to potential breakthroughs. We guarantee to bring our best selves and work with you to bring out your best potential in each session.


We are currently accepting clients who would like to meet in August. Fill out the form below so we can assess if our service is right for you. Time and date of appointment, as well as payment ($50 per session per person), will be settled after intake form is received and reviewed.

We cannot accept all potential clients and reserve the right to turn down any client for any reason. Once we’ve been able to assess our ability to assist you and schedule the appropriate time and date we will send you a payment link. Sessions are not 100% confirmed until payment is made. A session can be canceled no less than 3 days ahead of time, unfortunately, if a client must cancel less than 3 days in advance no refund will be given.


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