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Noor Al Shadhili is a research and education initiative whose aim is to engage in theological and spiritual dialogue through an Islamic, philosophical and social science framework

Course: Quranic Recitation & Memorization

Reach your goals this Fall 2017. Whether you want to memorize new surahs or perfect previously memorized ones let this Fall 2017 be the season you dedicate yourself to Quran.

About this course: The goal of this course is to work with students on their own personal goals, whether your goal is to perfect recitation or increase memorization with a dedication to study and a qualified teacher, students can reach their goals this Fall 2017 – inshaAllah. The course is solely online via skype or Uberconference.

About our teacher: Ustadh Abu Bakr is a highly qualified Islamic and Arabic teacher, he studied Arabic and various Islamic sciences in the majlis (learning circles) in Senegal and later in the University of Quaraouiyine in Morocco where he graduated in Islamic and Arabic studies. Ustadh Abu Bakr has memorized the entire Quran from a young age, writing the entire Quran from memory.

Class time: The course is 12 weeks long, 2 sessions per week -one hour per session.

Start date: September 18th, 2017

Cost: $300, Payment plans are available allowing students to pay in 2 or 3 parts, all payments must be complete by the first week of class. We do not offer refunds after the course has begun.

Pay now (in full):

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Looking for a more flexible option? See our private tutoring:


Exact date and times of classes will be finalized between students and teacher.


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