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Noor Al Shadhili is a research and education initiative whose aim is to engage in theological and spiritual dialogue through an Islamic, philosophical and social science framework

Travelling Course: Bring our courses to your city

Our course Childhood And Society is now available as a travelling course. This means we’ll come to you to teach the entire course in person while facilitating discussions with your community. See details below.

Format: All courses are 6- 7 sessions in total and will, therefore, need about 1 weeks time period to be taught in person, sessions will 2- 3 hours each including time for discussion. Courses can be condensed to a minimum of 3 days if necessary –which doubles the time of each day (4- 6 hours). While the format will be similar to what we offer in our online course each session in person will include a lot more depth, discussion and participation from students.

Necessities: It’s important that you provide a space for the course to take place. We do not require any specific technology but would prefer a space where students can form their chairs in a “U” in order to enhance the discussion -if the space does not have chairs (like in a Masjid space), that is also fine. It should be a quiet space where there are minimum distractions. If the course will take place in a Masjid please schedule the time of each session before dhuhr to avoid traffic from prayer.

Cost: $1,600 (Fee is lowered to $1,400 if the location is within NJ or PA and $400 if the location is within NYC). Fee includes: Hotel (if necessary), personal food expenses, course materials, Speaker’s fee and flight (if necessary). See breakdown below:
  • $700- Hotel stay
  • $300- Food
  • $100- Course Materials
  • $200- Speaker’s fee
  • $300- Flight (Within USA)
-To book this course, fill out the information required in the form below. Once your form is received we will email to communicate concerning further details.
-If you’d like to book this course for outside of the U.S. all fees will remain the same with the exception of air flight with will vary depending on country.
-This form is for courses only if you’re interested in booking us for a lecture please email with to discuss.

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